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Sergei Tarasov
Sergei Tarasov

Super Deep Throat V1211b

of course, these games weren't complete shit. they had gameplay and they had plot. sometimes the plots were actually pretty good. one game, deepthroat fanny fever, had you play as a doctor whose wife gets kidnapped. she needs your help to escape, and youve got to save her. so, of course, you put your hard cock in her mouth, she sucks it all the way down, then you have to get her to swallow your cum.

Super Deep Throat V1211b


the plot of deepthroat fanny fever was actually pretty good. its not the greatest of games, but the plots where the games were actually fun. but when we played super deep throat, we were into the story. thats because the game was more than just a flash game. it was an interactive porn adventure. you were given a mission where you had to complete an objective in order to unlock the next area. the game was linear, but it was pretty well thought out and i remember liking it. the problem with this game is that it was the fucking first. the first "choose your own adventure" porn game. that shit blew my mind, because until then, i was stuck with a bunch of little 2d games. i remember seeing super deepthroat and thinking, wow, what the fuck? is this real life? this game was the start of interactive erotica, and its pretty fucking awesome.

there are five levels in super deepthroat. the original game has a bunch of different endings and paths. the endings are pretty great. when you get to the final level, the girl has cum all over her face. when you cum, her eyes roll back in her head and she falls backwards. if you have a video camera, you can use it to time the cum with the cumshot. thats fucking sweet. the endings make this game worthwhile. if you were only a casual player, you might think, oh, this game is pretty good. but it was not until we got to the final level and had to choose the right path. we were like, fuck! thats the best part! then we had to watch the girl wake up and cum. and that was just another level in the game. i really enjoyed this game because it was a challenge. we had to follow a path through the game to get to the final level, and we had to choose the right path for the girl to cum. it was a great idea, and really made the game fun.


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