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Reaching our Community

Stay tuned! More to come.

Workshop 2022

Original American Workshop #2

September 2022

This is our 2nd workshop and it was better than the first. We were able to build two 3x2x12 garden boxes. The children paid attention, artfully painted the boxes, and one even assisted in the actual builds. After words we instructed the kids on how to plant collard greens, mustard greens, potatoes, carrots and more! Future workshops will only be bigger, better, and more informative. Stay tuned and join us if your interested!

Original American Foundation Food Giveaway

July 2022

Original American Foundation is dedicated to the health and well being in our community. Due to circumstances beyond our control we will have to post pone our food giveaways. We will give an updated when we plan to resume. Thank you to all who volunteered, supported and picked up some thing for your family!

Food give away.

Helping the children learn gardening, self sufficiency and teamwork.

May, 2022

Original American Foundation was proud to donate a 8x4x8inch high raised garden bed to a local daycare. We also gave a gardening consultation to one daycare worker who is also a friend. We cant wait to see the future results.

Original American Foundation Community Wood Workshop

August, 2021

Our goal is to help provide self-sufficiency to all American Indians and American People of Color. Wood working is one offering that will last a lifetime. The OAF teaches the community knowledge to  help build & maintain our community for long after we are here. This workshop teaches carpentry skills and teamwork for the youth and adults of our great city.

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"100 Years Wild" Facebook group page

Created August, 2021

Join our "100 Years Wild" Facebook Page! Here we give tips on healthy living topics. Such as healthy eating, exercise and more. If you join you can add tips of your own.

Original American Community Garden Project

August, 2021

The OAF community gardening project  has & will continue to expand. We provide gardening education that can be utilized for generations to come. At the same time we provide fresh produce that helps fuel the minds and bodies of our community.

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Join today, and promote health with us!

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