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Original American Foundation

About Us

The Original American Foundation was created by American Indians and American People of Color from Philadelphia. We started because we noticed a problem in our low income communities. We have a severe lack of education on many things. Things we can teach the youth and adults alike. Like how to grow fresh healthy produce for themselves at home or in the community.

We also noticed that our people have been experiencing gentrification at alarming rates for generations. We want to help prevent this by educating on home repairs with our home renovations lessons, providing affordable housing and helping our people save & maintain our neighborhoods. In all We want to provide services that can be passed down for generations to come, that will not only benefit us now but always. 

Original American Foundation Introduction

Born and raised in the community we serve.

Two friends came together to create an organization dedicated to the uplifting the people in our community. Check our YouTube page for more content.

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