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What People are Asking


What community projects does the OAF have going on? Original American Foundation?

The Original American Foundation has many community programs that promote health, teamwork and self sufficiency. Original American community garden grows fresh produce that the people can learn to grow at home and have for there families. We also have our Original American Workshop, here we teach garden box building, proper measuring skills and more. Stay tuned for more details on other programs, products and services.

How can I Help?

Here @ OAF we encourage all members or soon to be members to show support by being active members in our online community. We also ask that folks who are interested in our organizations growth to contact us and come down to the garden and help out. Having community members learning is a priority to us Please contact us to attend our Original American Workshop. Bring the family and learn how to build, garden and be more self sufficient.

Thanks in advance!

-A few other ways you can support will be to: 

-Join the OAF. Fam by volunteering or becoming an official part of the OAF family. We need more motivated individuals.

-Get involved by simply sharing, liking, or re-posting us on social media
-Donate to and share our gofundme and cashapp.

Who posts for the OAF Community?

Our news, views and essential information, is all written by passionate and knowledgeable members or our organization. Will keep our people healthy informed and growing. We believe that sharing is caring, and we want to provide services tools and that can be passed down for many generations to come.

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