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Celebrating The Male Form: What You Can Learn from The Male Form Magazine

The Male Form Magazine: A Celebration of Men's Style and Physique


If you are looking for a magazine that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the male form, look no further than The Male Form Magazine. This is a quarterly publication that showcases men's style, physique, and some of the industry's top underwear brands. Whether you are interested in fashion, fitness, grooming, or culture, you will find something to inspire and entertain you in this magazine.

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But why is it important to celebrate the male form? And how does this magazine do it in a tasteful and respectful way? In this article, we will explore these questions and more. We will also take a look at the history, content, and future of this unique and exciting magazine.

The History of The Male Form Magazine

The Male Form Magazine was launched in 2016 by Allez Publishing Group, a Chicago-based company that specializes in creating magazines for niche markets. The founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine is Alex Sanchez, a former model and photographer who has a passion for men's fashion and fitness. He wanted to create a magazine that would celebrate the male form in all its shapes and sizes, without being vulgar or objectifying.

The magazine has since grown to become one of the most popular and respected publications in its genre. It has featured some of the most renowned models, photographers, stylists, and designers in the industry, such as David Gandy, Bruce Weber, Tom Ford, and Calvin Klein. It has also won several awards and accolades for its quality and creativity, such as the Best New Magazine Award from in 2017.

The Content of The Male Form Magazine

The Male Form Magazine has four main sections: Style, Physique, Grooming, and Culture. Each section covers different topics and trends related to men's lifestyle and well-being. Here are some examples of what you can find in each section:


StyleFashion editorials, interviews with designers, tips on how to dress for different occasions, reviews of new collections and brands.

PhysiqueFitness routines, nutrition advice, profiles of athletes and trainers, features on different sports and activities.

GroomingSkincare tips, haircare products, fragrance recommendations, shaving techniques, spa treatments.

CultureTravel guides, art reviews, book suggestions, music playlists, movie critiques, social issues.

The magazine also has a special feature called The MALE FORM Portfolio, which is a collection of artistic photographs that showcase the beauty and diversity of the male form. These photographs are taken by some of the most talented photographers in the world, who capture the essence and personality of their subjects. The portfolio is a tribute to the male form as a work of art.

The Future of The Male Form Magazine

The Male Form Magazine has a bright future ahead. It has a loyal and growing fan base that appreciates its vision and values. It also has a strong online presence that allows it to reach a wider audience and interact with its readers. The magazine has a website (, a blog (, a Facebook page (, an Instagram account (@themaleformmagazine), and a Twitter account (@TMFMagazine).

The magazine also has ambitious plans and goals for its growth and development. It wants to expand its distribution network to reach more countries and regions. It also wants to collaborate with more celebrities and influencers who share its passion for men's style and physique. It also wants to create more events and initiatives that would engage its readers and promote its message.

But most importantly, the magazine wants to continue celebrating the male form in all its glory. It wants to inspire its readers to embrace their own bodies and express their individuality. It wants to challenge stereotypes and norms that limit men's potential. It wants to empower men to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.


The Male Form Magazine is more than just a magazine. It is a movement. It is a celebration. It is a statement. It is a magazine that celebrates the male form in all its shapes and sizes. It is a magazine that showcases men's style, physique, and some of the industry's top underwear brands. It is a magazine that covers different aspects of men's lifestyle and culture. It is a magazine that inspires and entertains its readers.

If you are interested in joining this movement and celebration, you can subscribe to The Male Form Magazine online or buy it from selected bookstores. You can also follow it on social media or visit its website or blog for more updates. You can also get involved by sending your feedback or suggestions to

Thank you for reading this article about The Male Form Magazine. We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. Here are some FAQs that might answer some of your questions:

  • Q: How often does The Male Form Magazine come out?

  • A: The Male Form Magazine is a quarterly publication that comes out four times a year: Spring (March), Summer (June), Fall (September), Winter (December).

  • Q: How much does The Male Form Magazine cost?

  • A: The Male Form Magazine costs $18 USD per issue or $60 USD per year for a subscription.

  • Q: How can I submit my photos or stories to The Male Form Magazine?

  • A: The Male Form Magazine welcomes submissions from aspiring models, photographers, writers, or anyone who has something to share related to men's style or physique. You can send your photos or stories to with your name, contact details, bio, portfolio link (if any), and a brief description of your work.

  • Q: How can I advertise on The Male Form Magazine?

  • A: The Male Form Magazine offers various advertising options for brands or businesses that cater to men's fashion or fitness market. You can contact them at with your name, company name, contact details, budget range, campaign objectives, target audience profile (if any), preferred ad format (banner ad / full-page ad / sponsored post / etc.), preferred ad placement (front cover / back cover / inside page / etc.), preferred issue date (Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter).

  • Q: How can I contact The Male Form Magazine?

  • A: You can contact The Male Form Magazine by email at or by mail at Allez Publishing Group LLC., PO Box 1234 Chicago IL 60601 USA.


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