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Age Of Chivalry Hegemony No-cd C -

hey there, hello and welcome to my first post! its not exactly a catagory-based publication, thats my friend phil over at baz. the focus is on the economics of production and consumption in an economic framework, but also dwells on other things too. no application is (still) necessary. if you already know how to do the following things, this is probably not for you:

Age Of Chivalry Hegemony No-cd C

she has to obey. she cannot pass on what she has learned to others. she has to answer to no one. she must not question anything but the rules. and she must never stray from the line of least resistance. the end of the day, she must not forget that she is a slave. she must be easy, happy, submissive and because of that, she will be happy, or at least she will know that it is a good day for her

no. the augustinian canons have very little to say, from a historical point of view, about the interaction between the spanish and the moors. for one thing, in my opinion, the moors did not "speak the christian faith" as the terms have traditionally been understood. for another, they did not really interact with the spanish for an extended period of time until the 12th century. prior to that, they were part of the iberian peninsula's large islamic population. most importantly, if we are to talk about augustinian thought, we need to look at the anti-arab attitudes of other monks in medieval spain. augustinians like john of seville strongly condemned the arabs for what he saw as a despicable and evil culture. they even declared that the arabs should be expelled from the iberian peninsula and not allowed to live there in the same way that many other western christians condemned the moors.


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